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Super Deluxe Red Planet EP Launch Package

Super Deluxe Red Planet EP Launch Package

Reserve your special place at the Red Planet private launch party on Thursday 9th July. You will be hosted to a champagne reception, an exclusive cinema screening and a live performance at the Dolby Cinema in Soho, followed by the after party at the Lights Of Soho neon lit members lounge. You will receive an exclusive launch guest goodie bag.

You will be sent the Red Planet CD special edition deluxe package which includes:

- signed copy of the Red Planet EP with stunning six panel fold out artwork
- hand written lyrics print designed by Daisy
- limited edition 6 x postcard set
- your own vial of red planet stardust from the video shoot

Each pre-order will also receive an exclusive video link to a special live performance of the title track.

Track listing:

1) Red Planet
2) Circus
3) Waltzing
4) Ghost
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