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'A stand out piece of musical awesomeness’


'Kate Bush style beauty’ 

(Chart Shaker)

'Sparkly and eerie with ghostly vocals - Sarah’s haunting approach to her music hooks you from the first word’ 

(Songwriter Spotlight)

'Captivating from the outset… ambitious and individual… spine tingling beauty with hints of Daughter’ 

(The Nation)

'Foster’s heady brew of intimate atmospherics and unfettered imagination… nothing less than captivating’ 

(Echoes and Dust)

'Filled with a cinematic, sweeping intensity and ethereal, pop-fuelled melodies’ 


'Lap up a gorgeous serving of dark, glittering sounds and lavish escapism from a synth-pop act with dazzling stage presence - think Florence + The Machine with neon wings on a trapeze, and you are halfway there’ 

(The Art Inside)

'Sarah’s vocals are haunting .. beautiful angelic tones reminding me at times of Kate Bush. Will send chills down your spine’ 

(Ravenheart Music)

'Cinematic in atmosphere and brimming with carnivalesque creativity’ 

(Indie Music Mag)

'Imagine if Florence was less strident and instead of flouncy paganism was singing from a beautiful garden on the edge of the abyss’ 


'Somewhere between the ghostly gliding & luscious laments of Kate Bush, the boldness of Björk and the haunting image of Kylie floating in a lake after spending too much time with Nick Cave’ 

(Backseat Mafia)



An invitation into a magical world; Daisy and The Dark’s haunting vocals float over cinematic layers of strings, synths, lush harmonies and lavish beats.  


‘I like to make music that has a sense of other-worldliness - a secret circus, a haunted house - to crawl beneath the skin of things…’


says London based singer-songwriter-visual artist, Sarah Kayte Foster, who created Daisy and The Dark after leaving the internationally acclaimed band, Mediaeval Baebes, with whom she recorded three studio albums, toured the world and hit No. 8 in the classical album charts. ‘It had got to the point where I had so many of my own songs buzzing around my head I couldn’t sleep! - I’d been on this amazing five-year adventure and was ready to create something from the inside out.''


Since then Daisy and The Dark has performed at The Royal Albert Hall, Alexandra Palace, The V&A Museum, and The Secret Garden Party.


The project launched with a cinematic trio of light & dark themed music videos - two of them directed by BAFTA award winning film maker Shreepali Patel, who inspired Sarah to direct the third herself.  Daisy and The Dark was quickly approached by two leading universities to collaborate on a revolutionary new music app, which saw Sarah art-direct all visuals and co-produce multiple versions of each track of her debut EP - and has since been presented all over the world.  


She then set to work bringing her 'down the rabbit hole' vision of a live Daisy and The Dark show to life - gathering a dream team of musicians, animators, dancers, projectionists, circus performers and costume designers to create a fantastical live experience which debuted at the Ace Hotel Shoreditch.


With her vocal tones and theatrical sensibilities often gaining comparisons to Kate Bush, Sarah – who originally worked as an actress – counts her biggest influence as cinema: ‘If I don’t go for a fortnight I start to feel pretty twitchy! - I love sinking into the velvet chair, kicking my shoes off, and being consumed by enormous emotions, colours and sound - it’s my sanctuary.’  Other influences include dreams, ghosts, a love affair with the sky and the city beneath it - ‘unspoken stories colliding all over the place’ - a fascination with all things sparkling, and being both scared of and drawn to the dark.  


And what of the name? – ‘I imagined this as a visual art project as much as a collection of songs and I didn’t want to be tied to my own every day name. The dance of light and dark inside each place or person is so fascinating - that’s what inspires me and my music… the secret world.’ 

During the pandemic Daisy and The Dark was invited to collaborate on the development of an Arts Council funded multimedia project exploring trauma and the healing power of friendship. 2022 sees her thrilled to be back in the studio completing her first full-length album.


© Daisy and The Dark 

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