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'A stand out piece of musical awesomeness’




‘Imagine if Florence was less strident and instead of flouncy paganism was singing from a beautiful garden on the edge of the abyss’




'Kate Bush style beauty’ 

(Chart Shaker)


An invitation into a magical world; Daisy and The Dark’s haunting vocals float over cinematic layers of strings, synths, lush harmonies and lavish beats.  


‘I like to make music that has a sense of other-worldliness - a secret circus, a haunted house - to crawl beneath the skin of things…’


says London based singer-songwriter, Sarah Kayte Foster, who created Daisy and The Dark after leaving the internationally acclaimed band, Mediaeval Baebes, despite having just hit No. 8 in the classical album charts.  ‘It had got to the point where I had so many of my own songs buzzing around my head I couldn’t sleep! - I’d been on this amazing five-year adventure and was ready to create something from the inside out.' Both musical projects share an emphasis on harmonies and wonder - but her solo songs are coloured with pop sensibilities rather than classical ones – ‘if there are angels in Daisy-land I'd like to think they have neon wings... definitely no cherubs.' 


Daisy and The Dark has performed at Secret Garden Party and The Royal Albert Hall, released a trio of light & dark themed videos - two of them directed by BAFTA award winning film maker Shreepali Patel, released three EP's, become the subject of a revolutionary new music app design project, and created a fantastical live show which debuted at Miranda in the summer of 2016.


With her breathy tones and theatrical stage presence gaining comparisons to Kate Bush, Sarah – who originally trained as an actress – counts her biggest influence as cinema: ‘If I don’t go for a fortnight I start to feel pretty twitchy! - I love sinking into the velvet chair, kicking my shoes off, and being consumed by enormous emotions, colours and sound - it’s my sanctuary.’  Other influences include dreams, ghosts, a love affair with the sky and the city beneath it - ‘unspoken stories colliding all over the place’ - a fascination with all things sparkling, and being both scared of and drawn to the dark.  


And what of the name? – ‘I imagined this as a visual art project as much as a collection of songs so I didn’t want to be tied to my own every day name. The dance of light and dark inside each place or person is so fascinating - that’s what inspires me and my music… the secret world.’ 


Daisy and The Dark is currently working on her debut album for release in early 2018.

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